Falke II
Falke II anime
Kanji ファルケ2世
Romaji Faruke 2-sei
Alias King
Personal Details
Age 99 years old
Gender Male
Relatives Jean Otus (Grand son)
Prince Schwan (Grand son)
Lotta Otus (Grand daughter)
Occupation King
Ward Dōwaa
Professional Details
Department Inspections Department
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Nakao Ryusei
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Falke II is the king of the Dōwaa Kingdom. At the start of the story, he was already 99 years old. All of his children are princesses. The king is closer to his second daughter Schnee, the mother of Jean and Lotta that's why his first meeting with Lotta reminds him of his daughter.


Falke II



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