A New Request Comes with the Evening Wind in Dowa
Chapter 11
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 11
Kanji ドーワーで夜風と新たな頼みごと
Romaji Dōwā de yokaze to aratana tanomi-goto
English A New Request Comes with the Evening Wind in Dowa
Date July 25, 2014
Issue ISBN 978-4-75-754370-6
Episode Episode 3
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Characters Appeared


At the ceremony, the king welcomes everyone, but does not abdicate as Prince Schwann expected. Jean encounters Nino and Lotta at the ceremony, and Mauve also sees Nino but recognises him as an ACCA agent which he reports to Grossular. On one of Jean's many cigarette breaks, Lilium confronts Jean about suspicions that he is involved in the suspected coup d'état, but Lilium says that he believes it's a rumour started by Grossular to gain more power for ACCA, and asks for Jean’s help.

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